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ABOUT Frontier FarmGirl

Farm girl by marriage,

Okie lovin' momma,

"surviving" farm life on the modern Frontier

by a lot of humor, faith, and grit. 

Welcome to our Frontier Farms!

Being 100% active in agriculture, 40 IS young.

We thought we were young farmers at 22 and 23...

Well, we were, but, we still claim to be!

Our age bracket is still considered young as the numbers

across the US are not what they use to be.. 

In our county alone, there are not many who solely farm and ranch without a town job.

It can feel a bit isolating, and alone as a "farm girl",

raising kids and helping manage a farm and ranch operation,

Away from the daily comforts of family and friends.

I'm here to share stories to encourage fellow "farm girls" by marriage,

 by birth, or by choice.

To laugh, relate, support, share frustrations, and have FUN during the busy work day! 

What is shared will most likely take a different turn in the field...

consistency is not a commonality here...

all depending on my mood, coffee intake, and whatever "weather" we  are facing. 

In true Okie fashion.


In the realness of farm life, it's not near as pretty as Laurey Williams, from 'Oklahoma', makes it to be.

More to the liking of Lorie Darlin' (of a more prevailing moral standard)

who trades her town clothes for leather work shoes, jeans, and work shirts.

 Who needs dresses when you take out for the prairie?

No day is the same. 

Being hot and uncomfortable between meals, bills, late night stressful talks with farmer,

managing employees, contracts, kids, and family.

And, sometimes a  "manure" word flies out while working cattle, 

or when the steering wheel falls off after getting the newborn baby strapped in to go feed. 

Regardless, there ARE moments that are sweet.

Sweeter than Red Diamond Sweet Tea on a 105 degree day! 

I'm reminded every evening...those Oklahoma sunsets.

Makes all that hard work and wind blowing to your very core, worth it.

I am a woman of FAITH, who is working on her FAITH daily.

I'm FAR from perfect.

God put me here to have struggles and be better through all the grit and sanding of farm life.

I hope you can figuratively hop in the buddy seat of the combine,

or passenger seat of the feed pickup,

to see what farming adventures are being had!

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